2016 Meeting Date Changes

Three meeting dates for 2016 have been changed (instead of the usual Tuesday date). The August meeting will be held onWednesday, August 10; the October meeting on Thursday, October 13; and the November meeting on Wednesday, November 9.

Annual Town Meeting

Apr 19, 2016

To Electors in the Town of Prairie Lake,

Tuesday April 19th at 7:00 PM is the Annual Town Meeting of the Town Of Prairie Lake.The Annual Town Meeting is set aside by state statute for voters in Prairie Lake to make their concerns known to the Town Board and for electors to authorize the Town Board to take specific actions as enumerated in the statutes. It is also a good time to solicit comments from the public on matters the Town Board may be facing.

Tuesday night I wish to discuss the condition of town roads and my concerns that additional funding will be needed to restore and/or improve certain roads in the Town. The funding needed in future years exceeds the current level of spending on road maintenance.  Your thoughts and comments will be welcome on approaches the Town should take next year and in the years following to ensure all town roads remain viable for travel.

Dale Lehner


Town of Prairie Lake

New Website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website!
Our goal is to provide our Town residents and visitors an easy way to access information.
The user – friendly content is well organized so you can easily navigate the site to find the information you’re looking for.

The website will always be up to date with current and valuable information.

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Please be patient with us while we are still in the process of making some improvements.

Touch screen voting

There was a letter-to-the-editor this week in several papers encouraging voting on paper rather than on touch screen machines. Over and over it has been proven that touch screen machines correctly tally the votes and provide a back-up paper copy which is produced at the time the voter is in front of it and which the voter should verify. With the state of technology no one can guarantee absolutely that any system is not vulnerable to manipulation but safeguards are built into this method, and it doesn’t seem that the paper copy that is produced could be tampered with without showing signs of defacement.
If anyone has reservations about touch screen voting, they should attend the public test of voting machines that is held before each election in each municipality. (The notices for same are in this week’s papers.) Each person attending can actually vote on the machine to test the accuracy of the count, or if there are too many in attendance to get hands-on (which seldom happens) they can watch and question every step and see the tally with their own eyes. This will actually be the 2nd test of the machines because the clerks have to test them immediately when they receive the cartridges to look for any errors and to be sure the tally is correct.
The paper ballots (the hand count ones that are in use by most towns and villages, not the ones that are scanned by machine in the city) for this election are going to cause a headache for election inspectors – the presidential preference ones – because the voter gets 3 sheets of paper and the inspectors are going to have to be hawk-eyed and alert to be sure that the voter is not putting more than the 1 ballot to which she/he is entitled in the ballot box. Whereas voting on the touch screen will not allow a person to vote more than 1 party nor more candidates than are allowed.
I hope that you will spread the word about the integrity of the Barron County touch screen voting machines.

Recycling Site Closed

Effective immediately:

The Town of Prairie Lake no longer maintains a drop-off site for white goods and electronic products to be recycled. Please do not bring any items to the site as it is closed. Should you have items of this type to be recycled you may call the town office and receive some information about possible venues to dispose of those items.

Survey Results Posted

Copies of results summaries of the survey that was sent to all Town of Prairie Lake land owners last fall in support of updating the Comprehensive Plan are posted on the website on the Comprehensive Plan page. The one report is a brief summary of the responses to the survey and the other lists most comments, some in a somewhat abbreviated fashion, but in the respondents’ own words.

It makes interesting reading.

If you have any comments on the comments, or just comments in general relating to any of the areas of interest from the survey, feel free to share.