Cemetery Regulations for the Town of Prairie Lake


The Otterholt and Pleasant Plain Cemeteries are owned and operated by the Town of Prairie Lake.

The town board shall have general supervision and control of both cemeteries.

The town board shall be responsible for the operating and maintenance of both cemeteries, including, but not limited to, the selling of all lots and graves, maintaining accurate records of all sales, and orders for work on all private lots.

All business shall be transacted through the Town of Prairie Lake town board including, but not limited to orders for work, bills paid, companies, and lost and found articles.

Lots and Lot Sales

No lot shall be used for any other purpose than the burial of the human dead and the placing of appropriate markers as memorials.

Persons desiring to purchase a lot or grave shall call the town cemetery sexton or designated cemetery official to make an appointment.  This official shall assist those persons interested in making a grave selection.

When the lot or grave is paid in full, a receipt will be issued to purchaser by the Town of Prairie Lake treasurer.

The transfer of lots or parts thereof to another party must be reported to the Town of Prairie Lake sexton before said party will be allowed to use the transferred property.  No person shall be recognized as owner or part owner of a lot unless his or her name appears on the cemetery records or they have proof that they are legal heirs.

The purchase of lots for the purpose of erecting a mausoleum or any above ground structure must be approved by the town board.

Visitors Rules

Cemetery visitors will be allowed in the cemetery from sunrise to sunset.  Any person(s) found loitering on the grounds during closed hours will be subject to arrest.

All visitors are reminded that the cemetery is considered to be sacred ground for the dead, and that a strict observance of all proprieties due such a place will be required.

Any persons disturbing the tranquility of the cemetery by noise or other improper conduct will be asked to leave the grounds or be subject to arrest.

No motor vehicles other than street legal vehicles will be allowed in the cemeteries at any time.

No picnics, parties or other similar gatherings will be allowed in the cemeteries at any time.

The town board members or its employees assume no liability for property damage or acts beyond its ability to reasonably control during normal business hours.

The throwing of rubbish on driveways or plotted areas is strictly prohibited.

Law enforcement authorities and military personnel on official duty shall be the only persons allowed to possess weapons on cemetery property.

Privileges and Restrictions for Lot Owners

Perpetual care of cemeteries which covers mowing, tree trimming, spring raking and noxious weed trims will be assumed by cemetery employees only, unless permission is granted to volunteer groups to do civic projects by the town board or sexton.

No persons, except cemetery employees or authorized contractors will be allowed to disturb any grave markers or sod on any lot or grave.

All lot or grave owners wishing to make improvements must consult the director or cemetery official before any improvements are made.

The cemetery maintenance official reserves the right to enter upon any lot for the purpose of trimming or removing any tree or shrub as to its effect upon the natural appearance of the cemetery in general. Trees will be removed when they are deemed dead, diseased or detrimental to any adjacent lot, monument, walkway, or driveway because of roots, branches or otherwise.

No tree or shrub shall be planted, removed, cut down or trimmed, within the border or any lot or grave, without the permission of the cemetery maintenance official.

At no time will jars, tin cans, unsightly plastic containers or wire stands be construed as permanent decorations and allowed in either cemetery. In no event will cemetery officials be responsible for items placed on any grave.

At no time will fences, barriers, retaining walls or any other obstructions be allowed in the cemetery.

Burial Rules

No grave will be laid out or dug and closed by anyone other than a designated cemetery official unless special permission is given by cemetery officials. If an outside party digs a grave a $100.00 refundable deposit must be given to the Town of Prairie Lake to ensure that the site is properly opened, closed and finished in a timely fashion. Upon successful completion of closing and finishing the site including sod or seeding of the grave the deposit will be returned.

No interment shall take place without the burial permit and proper papers in place with all laws having been complied with.

Two adult interments in one grave (one on top of another) will not be permitted. An infant child or cremations will be allowed at the foot end of an adult grave. Not more than two (2) cremations are permitted in one grave space.

Interment will not be allowed unless in a cement or steel vault, excluding cremations. No cremations shall be scattered on any lot or cemetery property at any time.

For convenience, safety and appearance, the Town of Prairie Lake will not allow any other equipment but its own or that of a vault company to be used for grave service.

The funeral director or designated official is required to be in attendance at every interment.

The director or maintenance official shall have the right to enter upon any lot and remove any structure, display or inscription placed on the lot that is deemed by said director or maintenance official to be offensive, improper or injurious to the appearance of the lot or grounds.

Notice given as soon as possible would be appreciated for interment orders to cemetery officials. Minimum notice should be 48 hours prior to interment.

Fresh floral arrangements and floral pieces will be removed as soon as they become unsightly.

Any person engaged in work while in the vicinity of a burial must suspend their labor during the service at the grave.

Disinterment of a body will not be made without proper authority in accordance with the laws of the state of Wisconsin. All permits must be presented to cemetery officials prior to disinterment so that proper arrangements can be made.

Winter Burials

Because the cemeteries in the Town of Prairie Lake are considered abandoned cemeteries, winter burials are not required. When there is snow cover making grave location nearly impossible, burials in the old sections of the Otterholt and Pleasant Plain Cemeteries will not be permitted. If  burial is possible, and arrangement exceptions are made through the town board by the family of the deceased, all expenses of the winter burial are at the family's expense, including all grave locating and marking, all digging of frozen ground, proper grave finishing in the spring and snow plowing of the cemetery roads, charged at regular hourly plowing rate.  Funeral directors must contact the Town Board member or the Sexton in advance to make arrangements and estimates of costs.

Monument Rules

No monument, foundation or marker will be allowed to be placed on the lot unless the grave site is paid for in full. 
Monuments, grave markers and foundations will be set only by reputable monument companies or cemetery officials according to the rules specified in these regulations. 
All permanent headstones or foot stones must have at least a 4 inch margin around the base of said stone.  All monuments must be set in line with other monuments so far as possible as directed by the cemetery official. 
Stones or monuments once placed on their foundations shall not be removed except by permission of the cemetery officials. 
All markers placed on the east end (foot end) of the grave must be flush to the nominal ground level.  At no time will above ground markers are allowed on the east end of a grave. 

All monuments shall be of good quality materials built by reputable monument companies.  No vertical joints will be permitted as part of the monument structure.  All foundations for monuments and other structures must be of sufficient depth into the ground in order to support it.  No monument or marker shall be erected until the foundation has been approved by the cemetery maintenance official.  The Town of Prairie Lake town board reserves the right to place a temporary marker on a grave until the permanent marker is placed. 

The town board reserves the right to refuse permission for the erection of any monument not in keeping with the good appearance of the grounds.  

Persons engaged in placing vaults, monuments or other structures are prohibited from attaching ropes, cables or chains to trees, shrubs or other structures within the cemetery. 
Workmen engaged in placing stones or monuments shall provide suitable boards on the ground for the truck to run over.  Immediately after the job is finished all boards, rubbish and excess dirt must be removed and the grounds left in good clean condition comparable to prior when the work had begun at the gravesite. 
While responsible care will be given to protect monuments and all markers, the Town of Prairie Lake will not be responsible for loss or damage to markers or monuments erected within the cemeteries. 
Any variances to these rules must be brought before the town board for approval. 

These revised cemetery regulations supersede all previous documents.

Approved and accepted by the Town of Prairie Lake Town Board this 13th DAY OF JUNE, 2006