Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 2021-2: New Town Roads
Ordinance 2021-1: Ordinance for Adoption of Restricted Parking Areas
Ordinance 2020-4: Uniform Dwelling Code
Ordinance 2020-2: Alternative Claims Procedure
Ordinance 2020-1: Rescinding Ordinances
Ordinance 2019-2: Annexation
Ordinance 2019-1: All-Terrain Vehicle Routes Ordinance
Ordinance 2018-2: Citation Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-2: Manufactured/Mobile Home Community Ordinance
Ordinance 2017-1: Subdivision / Land Division
Ordinance 2015-4: Open Burning, Outside Burning, Refuse Burning
Ordinance 2015-3: Addendum to Ordinance 2015-1
Ordinance 2015-2 BOR Sworn Testimony
Ordinance 2015-1: Implements of Husbandry
Ordinance 2013-5: Cemetery
Ordinance 2012-4: Extend Officer Terms/Election Law Changes
Ordinance 2012-3: Schedule of Fees Ordinance
Ordinance 2012-2: Blasting Ordinance
Ordinance 2012-1: Non-Metallic Mining Licensing Ordinance
Ordinance 2010-1: Shifts for Poll Workers
Ordinance 2009-2: Licensing Livestock Facilities
Ordinance 2009-1: Regulating Public Nuisances
Ordinance 2008-6: Requiring Review of all Land Divisions
Ordinance 2008-5: Speed Limit Ordinance
Ordinance 2008-2: Regarding Administrative Appeals
Ordinance 2008-1: To Regulate the Operation of Campgrounds
Ordinance 2006-2: Regulating Creation of Multiple Zoning Classifications
Ordinance 2006-1: Adopt Town Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 2004-2: Code of Ordinances
Ordinance 2003-2: Town Plan Commission Ordinance
Ordinance 2003-1: Income Confidentiality for Assessment
Ordinance 2002-2: Condominium Ordinance
Ordinance 2001-3: Driveway Ordinance
Ordinance 2001-2: Dog Control Ordinance