Annual Town Meeting

Apr 19, 2016

To Electors in the Town of Prairie Lake,

Tuesday April 19th at 7:00 PM is the Annual Town Meeting of the Town Of Prairie Lake.The Annual Town Meeting is set aside by state statute for voters in Prairie Lake to make their concerns known to the Town Board and for electors to authorize the Town Board to take specific actions as enumerated in the statutes. It is also a good time to solicit comments from the public on matters the Town Board may be facing.

Tuesday night I wish to discuss the condition of town roads and my concerns that additional funding will be needed to restore and/or improve certain roads in the Town. The funding needed in future years exceeds the current level of spending on road maintenance.  Your thoughts and comments will be welcome on approaches the Town should take next year and in the years following to ensure all town roads remain viable for travel.

Dale Lehner


Town of Prairie Lake